Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Open Learning Update, History Sessions

Hi All

The missing podcast, Mike Derbyshire’s talk on the agricultural history of the area, is now available. (Mike kindly repeated the lecture to a different audience as the first recording hadn’t worked.) Last weeks session with information on resources for historical research will be available shortly.

 After Easter  Ian and Ken who did the metal detecting will be presenting their finds, and talking to us about their activities around Lancaster.

We also have the oral history session on the web

So we will soon have a  lot of interesting source material and would love it if history enthusiasts would follow some of it up .  One Fairfield member is interested in children’s play, based around the playground so if any-one has contacts with elderly residents I am sure she would be keen to talk to them.

Another suggestion has been oral history based round the farming families in this area, and another a time-line illustrating the history of the reserve.

There is no deadline for any of this and as we have captured material on the website it can be picked up at any time – but do keep in touch with anything you do and feed in anything you know that could help others