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Dallas Road Primary School Visit

Looking forward to having Dallas Road’s Year 4 in Fairfield Orchard on Wednesday 23rd January to learn about habitats.


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8 thoughts on “Dallas Road Primary School Visit”

  1. It was very cold but me and the rest of year4 enjoyed the school trip very much,I liked the bird waching best. Frances

  2. I had a great time in the orchard.I mostly enjoyed racing to find the orientiring the bird watching the birds but there wasnt much different types.We found lots of minibeasts is well

  3. I had a great time at the orchard . It was cold but i loved it . I wont to come back soon Because i loved it. I am telling my mum to take me there today.

    By Archie Fothering ham

  4. The visit to fairfield Orchard was fantastic. I enjoyed the bird watching the best. I think that the dirt was horrible but good for the worms. Jojo

  5. Thanks for your wonderful comments. Really pleased that you enjoyed your visit. Yes, I thought it was cold too! Tony.

  6. I really enjoyed my trip to every bit of the Orchard. It was interesting finding out about the minibeasts and doing the map reading. I especially enjoyed the bird-watching – I saw a flock of seagulls, some blackbirds and not much else. I look forward to visiting the Orchard again soon!

    Here’s a photo of me and my sister looking in the Bug Hotel.

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