Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Aldcliffe Road Triangle News Archive 2021

November 2021

Sunday session

We will be having a Sunday session tomorrow (14th November) starting at 1.30pm. On the agenda will be rescuing some walling stones from the leaf pile, collecting leaves and adding them to the leaf pile, weeding the beds, and dealing with undesirable vegetation on the buttress shelf.

In other news, Google Maps has emailed to say that the Triangle has now reached 100,000 views (which seems like a lot), and the yarn bombers will be back shortly to deliver some aftercare work in the form of stapling the saggy bits.

(Posted 13 November 2021)

October 2021

A session and a controlled explosion

Next week the Triangle is going to be yarn-bombed. This is less destructive than it sounds, and involves decorating the place with various knitted items, to deliver some autumn cheer.

Members of the Friendship Centre Knit & Natter group and their friends have been knitting steadily through the lockdowns, and will be visiting the Triangle this coming Thursday 21st October between 10am and 12 noon to fasten their handiwork in place.

This will be an all-hands-on-deck affair, so please come and join in if you are able to do so. Things that would be useful to bring if you have them are: a staple gun (plus staples), a large-eyed sewing needle, a pair of scissors, and a step ladder.

In preparation for all this excitement, we will be having a standard volunteer session this Sunday 17th October at 2.00pm. This will involve some general maintenance to ensure the Triangle is looking its best, and hopefully the construction of some sort of leaf storage compound to better contain the forthcoming leaf-mould pile.

(Posted 14 October 2021)

September 2021

A session and a workshop

We’ll be having a volunteer session this Sunday 5th September at 2.00pm. It will be a general maintenance type of session, although one thing we need to do is tidy up the workshop a bit in case there is bad weather for the following event and it is needed.

On Saturday 25th September we are hosting a free outdoor drawing workshop being run by King Street Arts as part of the Big Green Week programme. Information below. There is also an afternoon workshop at Fairfield Orchard as part of Apple Day, on the same day.

(Posted 4 September 2021)

June 2021

Back to the Triangle

Hello Trianglers, it’s been a while…

We’ve been rather quiet for the last 15 months for obvious reasons, but the Triangle itself has continued to be well used, and our core volunteers have been keeping on top of the basics when rules allowed. Huge thanks to everyone that has kept an eye on it for us. We are now in a position to trail a couple of upcoming events, and to ask for help with a pressing maintenance issue that requires a longer than normal volunteer session.

Art exhibition

Local artist Claire Massey kept herself sane during lockdowns by producing lots of artwork, and is planning an exhibition in the Triangle workshop later in the summer. More details will follow when we have them.

Yarn bombing

The Knit & Natter group at the Friendship Centre is planning to ‘yarn bomb’ the Triangle, starting at the end of October. This will involve decorating various bits of the Triangle with knitted and crocheted items, to brighten it up over the winter period. If you are a whizz with needles or hooks, or know someone that mike like to get involved, please contact Rosie Johnstone on 01524 37688.

Pergola posts

We have commissioned local joiner Colin Howard to help us replace the timber posts of the pergola structure, as they are rotting at the bottom where they are embedded in the concrete slab. To keep costs down, we need some volunteer labour to assist with the site works under Colin’s direction.

The work has been pencilled in for Friday 25th June to Sunday 28th. If you can spare some time on any (or all) of those days, please let me know by replying to this email. We will aim to provide lunch and refreshments.

Next session

In the meantime, we will have a standard volunteer session next Sunday 13th June at 2pm. This will involve maintenance of beds and planters, removal of unwanted vegetation from the buttress shelf, and hopefully some progress on the long-awaited irrigation project.

(Posted 6 June 2021)