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Information for Schools

Fairfield Nature Reserve and Orchard is an ideal place for children to study nature and has many opportunities for activities in all curriculum areas.

Tailored sessions

You can arrange for tutored sessions led by experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic leaders, so leave the planning to us and come and enjoy exciting and stimulating activities in support of your school curriculum.

The choice of activities will be tailored to your individual needs. Just let us know the sort of activities that you would like to do.

Alternatively, you can of course come and do activities of your own choosing.

Here are some suggestions (KS1 and 2) that we know you will enjoy doing!

Activities for you and your class

Fabulous Birds

The reserve is home to and visited by over 30 species of bird (not all to be seen at the same time!). The study of birds in their habitat provides a wealth of learning opportunities including bird watching, habitats, data collection, adaptation and food chains. Why not try your hand at some nest building of your own!

Magical Minibeasts

An ever popular and fascinating look at minibeasts, their features, habitats and adaptations. Create your own minibeast sculpture from natural materials or visit the wildlife café! (KS2 food chains)

Design in Nature

Whether it is a first exploration for younger children or a more detailed look at why plants and animals are what they are, there are plenty of activities to do. Shape, texture and pattern in nature; art work, nest building, identification and use of keys; fruit and seed dispersal.

Busy Bees

The blossom in the Fairfield Orchard, part of the reserve, is not to be missed in  spring and early summer.

Why do bees visit flowers, how do they collect pollen and why are they so important to flowers? Pollination. How do  bees communicate with each other? Did you know that bees dance!

Map reading

And just for fun why not try your hand at some simple map reading on our small orienteering course.

Equipment and Resources

Equipment and resources appropriate to each activity will be available for you to use on your visit; binoculars, collecting pots, sweep nets, identification charts along with other resources for each activity.

You will also find resources for some of the activities on our games and activities page

Back at school … and a little help from us

Following your visit there are a wealth of activities that can be done to enhance and consolidate your curriculum topics. We can provide you with a selection of resource material and background information. If that makes life a little easier that has to be a good thing!

A visit from us

We can come to your school to lead follow up sessions with a selection of activities to further enhance your work. These could include storytelling, games, food chain and habitat work to name but a few. Talk to us and hear our ideas.

Contact us

If you would like to make a visit with your school to the nature reserve and orchard, or wish to discuss a possible visit, then please first email us at

Risk Assessment

The responsibility for making an Assessment lies with the visiting group.

The Fairfield Association has produced an example RBA for your guidance.

How to get here

By foot.

The reserve is approximately 900 m from the City Centre mostly by way of safe pedestrian footpaths and quiet streets.

By rail.

The station is about 600m of safe walking from the reserve.

By Bus.

Bus services into Lancaster stop in the City Centre from where there is a walk of approximately 900m.