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Lapwing sightings

Went into the arable field yesterday evening from the Howson’s gate. Immediately 4 lapwing rose from the wheatfield mewing their alarm. We hid by the gate into Lower Sowerholme and two dropped down – one on the Sowerholme side, the other just over the ridge where we had seen one previously in the wheat. I walked out again for Ian to try to get some photos – each time we came into the open they were up again – it seemed somewhat unkind. Will post some photos shortly


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1 thought on “Lapwing sightings”

  1. Yes, Hilary and I also spotted lapwing there on Sunday when we had a look at how the wildflower margin is doing.

    The bird-friendly and butterfly-and-bee-friendly sections of the wildflower margin appear to be doing well but the more general wildflower-mix section is taking longer to get going, for some reason. Small plants are now beginning to appear, though.

    If anyone manages to get a good photo of the lapwing chicks, or flying lapwing which are obviously in our field (e.g. with Pony Wood or the castle in the background), we would be very interested in receiving them, so that we can use them in our Flora project Public Exhibition in town in late September.


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