Queens Award for Voluntary Service

December flush count

It’s impossible to predict how any one count will go: there does not seem to be any obvious … Read More

Wildlife whilst hedging

The Hedge Working Party met yesterday. One of us observed a small flock of field fare in West … Read More

Pied Wagtail

  Walking round Fairfield yesterday afternoon we noted two fieldfare in Big Meadow and two in West Field, … Read More

Fieldfare and Mr Fox

Yesterday (2/2/2016) we saw 9 fieldfare in Big Meadow at about 3.45pm. About an hour later, they’d moved … Read More


Not on Fairfield nature reserve but near enough to be interesting. Going south along the canal, past the … Read More

Spelling mistake

Fieldfare not Fieldfair!!!! But here’s another photo.

February Flush Count

The Fauna marshes are wetter than ever, with lots of standing water. Don’t know what snipe feel about … Read More

Field fare

About 20 field fare observed in the Grammar School field this morning (30/1/13)